Top 10 Best Crayola Colors Reviews in 2017

Have you been searching for the ideal solution to take your drawing capability or art results to the next level? Well, a brilliant suggestion for at such a point in time would be to consider some of the Top 10 Crayola colors as a unique investment for your unique drawing needs. The Crayola brand is a name that is synonymous with the production of the superior quality art equipment, thereby making them an ideal choice each time. Besides that, they also provide a broad spectrum of unique coloring sets and equipment that are customized to suit individual artwork applications.

10. Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Crayola 24 Ct Crayons

Produce the best of drawing with the Crayola 24 Ct crayons that deliver true hues and intense brightness for your unique needs. Furthermore, these colors are also double wrapped for additional strength when coloring. The inclusion of primary and secondary color provides users with added versatility. It all come in a convenient and compact package that makes it easy to carry where you need it the most. The double-wrapped design helps to provide additional strength.

9. Crayola Large Crayons Box of 16 520336

Crayola Large Crayons Box of 16 520336

Experience the superior quality of the Crayola 520336 colors that comes in a box of 16 color for a versatile coloring regime. Furthermore, the large Crayola crayons also provide excellent quality and guarantee brilliant colors for all your unique art needs. Each crayon is compact sized and comes with a permanent and waterproof non-toxic composition that makes it ideal even for children. The colors are also designed for additional strength and extended coloring functionality.

8. Crayola 12 Ct Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors

Crayola 12 Ct Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors


Discover the brilliance of this Crayola colors that make for a perfect for school projects and detailed artwork as well. The 12 pre-sharpened and long colored pencils are not only strong, but they are also durable enough for your unique coloring needs. More so, these colors are also available in 12 bright and intense colors that have smooth lay down for extensive usage. Every crayon in this set is compact and comprises of non-toxic elements to make it ideal even for children.

7. Crayola Crayons and Crayola Washable Marker Pack

Crayola Crayons and Crayola Washable Marker Pack

Take your coloring regime to the next level with the Crayola washable marker pack that are designed for minimal mess and simple clean up. The entire set comes with well over 64 crayons, and it also comes with 16 CT metallic crayons that are ideal for detailed work. Furthermore, this entire set also comes with mini stamper markers and sketchbook that you can use to kick start your unique coloring regime.

6. Crayola 24 Ct. Crayons (Set of 24 Each)

Crayola 24 Ct. Crayons (Set of 24 Each)

Improve your coloring experience with the Crayola 24 CT crayons that comes in 24 boxes set of Crayola crayons that make it the ideal back to school items. More so, the inclusion of the double wrapped crayons helps to provide additional strength for your unique coloring needs. This set also comes with primary and secondary colors to provide versatility when coloring. This great school list item makes an excellent addition to students and those who want quality artwork.

5. Crayola Broad Line Washable Markers, 8 Markers

Crayola Broad Line Washable Markers, 8 Markers

Make good quality drawing with the Crayola Broad Line Washable markers that come in a set of 10 colors for your unique coloring needs. These set of Crayola colors also come with non-toxic components that make them ideal for use even with small children. The colors are available with a sketchbook to help you start your coloring activities. The compact size and durable design make it ideal even for extended usage.

4. Crayola Washable Finger Paints

Crayola Washable Finger Paints

Experience the superior quality of the Crayola washable finger paint that helps kids to develop their gross motor skills with excellent results. It also comes with E-Z squeeze tubes that are ideal for controlling the flow of paint when drawing. The entire set also comes with a flip top cap for simple pouring. More so, the finger paint is also 100% washable and does not cause long-term staining to clothing.

3. Crayola 10 Ct Classic Broad Line Markers

Crayola 10 Ct Classic Broad Line Markers


Invest in the Crayola 10ct Broad Line Markers that can provide hours of creative coloring fun for the ultimate coloring regime. In fact, the broad line markets are not only terrific for coloring, but also work well for drawing as well. The durable design makes it ideal for extended functionality while the ergonomic design makes it ideal for use for extensive periods. Additionally, the entire set comes in 10 CT classic colors for versatile drawing needs.

2. Crayola Giant Fingerpaint Paper, (99-3405)

Crayola Giant Fingerpaint Paper, (99-3405)

Try our the Crayola Giant Fingerpaint Paper 99-3405 that allows your kids to express themselves through arts and drawing. In fact, these colors are not only ideal for practice, teaching or quiet time activities; these color are ideal for producing superior quality artwork. More so, the entire set is also available with 25 sheets of coated white paper that can be easily integrated to a drawing pad for added convenience.

1. Crayola 36ct Colored Pencils

Crayola 36ct Colored Pencils


Choose the Crayola 36t colored pencil that is the make the ideal addition for your artwork needs. This set is not only perfect for school projects, but also makes an ideal solution for basic drawing as well. The entire set comes with as many as 36 colors for a versatile coloring regime with supreme results. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the sketchpad and other drawing items for comprehensive drawing results.


All things considered, when it comes to completing your favorite artwork projects, there is barely any space for poor choice making. Choosing the ideal equipment always has its inherent results for your unique artwork regime. Therefore, an excellent recommendation for you at such a point would be to settle for the Top 10 Crayola Colours as a worthwhile investment.

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