Top 10 Best Clear Mini Christmas Lights

Christmas is just around the corner. When you want to have a memorable celebration and one that will enhance your mood, you will have to add several decorations to tell you that you are in the Christmas season. Some of the decorations to lighten up this day are clear mini Christmas lights. These lights are suitable for use during this season since they are versatile, safe, environmental-friendly, among other reasons. Once you decide to buy these lights, you will undoubtedly face a challenging time, owing to the variety of the models available in the market. However, you can be sure to have a smooth purchase once you have an idea of some of the best clear mini Christmas lights. In this coverage, we have reviewed the top 10 best clear mini Christmas lights to help you have a smooth purchase. So, read on and be sure to grasp an idea of at least two types to try during this Christmas season.

10. NOMA/INLITEN-IMPORT 48600-88 Light SetNOMA/INLITEN-IMPORT 48600-88 Light Set

These lights consist of 100 bulbs set on a white wire string. The sets of light can be connected and used to decorate various areas since the wire is flexible. They come along with two flasher bulbs, one replacement fuse, and two extra bulbs. As such, when one bulb burns, you can be sure to have an easy time replacing it. Whats more is that when one bulb goes off, the rest keep lighting unless when you damage the wire string. The lights can serve you indoors and in a family with pets and kids since they are cool to touch. Moreover, you can be sure that they will provide you with a soft light in a room at night.buyFromAmazon

9. Kohree 300 Led Curtain icicle lightsKohree 300 Led Curtain icicle lights

These curtain lights have a length of 9.8 feet and a height of 9.8 feet. They feature a UL certified plug-in transformer that is safe to use, and thus, no worries of overheating or fires. Its input measurements are 120V 60 Hz while the output measures are 29V 125mA. The power value of these lights is a 3.6W. Another plus of these lights is the included remote control for easier operation. With this device, you can turn your lights on or off, while you can switch between the eight modes while at a range of 15 meters. What’s more is that it allows you to set the timer so that you can keep the bulbs on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours, while the cycle keeps repeating. Once you want to switch between the modes, you have the convenience of using the power button or the remote. The lights feature high-quality material and consist of twelve strands. The space between LED bulbs is 4.5 inches, while that between the strands is 1 foot. Once you get these lights, you can either use them in hotels, clubs, homes, wedding backgrounds, dance halls among other places.buyFromAmazon

8. 33ft 100 LED String Lights33ft 100 LED String Lights

These dimmable LED string lights feature a copper wire that is highly flexible. As such, you can mold them to suit your desires, and you can wind the lights around trees, windows, staircases, fireplace mantels, among other areas. The lighting wire is 33 feet long and features 100 individual LEDs. The lights come with a remote controller with a short circuit protection. You can use it to alter the brightness, adjust the flash speed, power on or off, change the mode, among other functions. The featured bulbs produce eco-friendly light since the insulated copper wires help to keep the lights at a low temperature so that the bulbs are safe to touch. Whats more is that the lights are safe and convenient since they feature a low profile adapter that is hidden and UL certified. You can use these lights in an indoor or outdoor setting since the string light is water proof. However, always keep the adapter and controller in a safe place since they are not water resistant.buyFromAmazon

7. 2 Set Fairy Lights Battery Operated Fairy String LightsSet Fairy Lights Battery Operated Fairy String Lights

These lights feature a 16.4 feet copper wire that is highly flexible. As such, you can shape them to the way you want, or wrap them around flowers, trees, terrace, porch, among other areas. The lights have 50 LED bulbs on each piece that give a warm white light. They come with two remote controls to allow you to operate them wirelessly. Whats more is that these lights include a durable waterproof battery pack that allows you to use the lights outdoors, and in a place where you do not have a plug-in socket. This box helps to power your lights with 3AA batteries, which are however not included in the pack. Once you get these batteries, you can be sure to use the lights for up to five days, or even more than half a month with the timer set for six hours each day. With the included remote, you can turn the lights on or off, switch between the lighting modes, adjust the brightness, among other functions. You can use these lights in an outdoor setting since the wires parts are water proof. However, always remain cautious and avoid using the battery case in direct exposure to water.

6. Homestarry LED String LightsHomestarry LED String Lights

These lights feature high-quality silver wires which are waterproof, sturdy, and insulated. As such, they are suitable for outdoor use, while they do not get overheated even after a long time of use making them a good option for families with pets and kids. Whats more is that each of the 16ft wires features 50 LED dimmable lights. These lights produce 13+ of different light color options. The lights are a perfect decoration for vases and jars. Whats more is that these lights come handy with a remote control. This remote features 21 buttons, a timer mode that enables you to keep your lights on for 8 hours and off for 16 hours, a fade mode that helps to auto-switch colors slowly, and a jump mode to auto-switch colors rapidly. Another feature of these lights is that they are waterproof. However, you should avoid placing the battery pack under water for extended periods despite it being a PVC waterproof case. The battery pack utilizes 3AA batteries. It also features a fixed switch to enable you to use the lights without a remote control.buyFromAmazon

5. 2 Set Fairy String LightsSet Fairy String Lights

These lights feature a 16.4ft copper wire that is flexible. As such, it gives you the chance to shape it the way you want, while you can also wrap it around plants, terrace, the front porch among other places. Whats more is that you can put the lights into a jar and set the twinkle mode for your kids to enjoy. The bulbs on each of the wires are 50 pieces glowing micro LEDs that give a daylight white color. These lights come with two remote controls for easy operation as well as a waterproof battery case to power the lights while outdoors. The remote control enables turning on and off the lights, adjusting the brightness, turning the timer into auto-on and auto-off each day, and switching between different flashing and lighting modes. Another highlight of these lights is that you can use them outdoors. The string lights are submersible since the wire parts are fully sealed, while the battery case is only IP44 waterproof meaning that it does not endure being put under water directly. When using the fresh AA battery in the battery case, you can be sure that it can last you for up to 5 days with steady on lighting, while you can use it for up to more than half a month with the timer mode setting.buyFromAmazon

4. Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light SetHoliday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set

This light set features a lighted length of 24.75″, and a total length of 26.5″. It also features a 3″ end connector to make it easy to connect up to five light sets. The lights’ lead wire is 18″ long, while the spacing between two bulbs is 3″. This light set holds 100 bulbs that are suitable both for an indoor and outdoor setting. Whats more is that it includes a replacement fuse and two extra bulbs to make repair quite easy.buyFromAmazon

3. Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String LightTwinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

These lights are easy to use. You only need to plug in and unplug it for power on and off consecutively. The lights feature a power line that measures 8.85ft, a standard outlet with a voltage of 110, and a 0.98 ft distance between the mode controller to the plug. The lights feature eight mode settings which include the slogs, combination, steady on, in waves, twinkle/flash, sequential, slow fade and chasing/flash. What’s more is that these lights feature 300 bright, warm white individual LED bulbs. The lights also feature a plug-in transformer with 29 volts regulated power output. You can use these lights for indoor or outdoor decoration. The waterproof level of the lights is IP44, but the controller and power are non-waterproof meaning that you should place them away from water. You can use these lights in commercial buildings, restaurants, holiday shows, weddings, Christmas parties, among other events.buyFromAmazon

2. LIDORE Super Bright Clear Mini Christmas tree LightsLIDORE Super Bright Clear Mini Christmas tree Lights

These lights feature a 24ft wire that holds 100 mini-clear bulbs. The lights have a distance of 2.4″ between each bulb, while the tail cord is 4.56″ and the lead cord 22.8″. The bulbs produce a warm white color. The micro bulb is super bright while the clear bulb creates a 360-degree sparkling, glowing light. If this bulb burns, you can replace it with a 2.5V 0.425 Watt bulb. Even better, when it burns, the rest of the bulbs continue to function normally. Another plus of these lights is the safety fuse construction. As such, besides each string lights is one spare fuse and two spare bulbs. What’s more is that you can connect three sets of the same light with the end to end connectors. You can use these lights both on an indoor or outdoor setting. As such they are perfect for Christmas, custom parties, Halloween, among other events.buyFromAmazon

1. GDEALER 4 Pack Fairy LightsGDEALER 4 Pack Fairy Lights

This is a battery string light that features a 16.4 feet copper wire that is highly flexible. As such, you can bend the wire to the shape you prefer, since it gives you the ability to wrap it around trees, flowers, weddings with bouquets among others. This light includes 50 LED bulbs and the distance between two bulbs is 4.5 inches. Whats more is that this light includes a small IP67 waterproof battery box that measures 2 X 2.7 inches. As such, it gives you the ability to carry the lights anywhere you want since it is portable. The box features a hook on top of the battery box so that you can hang it on the wall. To turn the lights on or off, or change the eight modes, all you need to do is to press the button on this box. The box does not include batteries, but when you install 3 AA new batteries, you can be sure to operate the lights for 48 hours while in a steady mode, Whats more is that these lights come with a remote meant to enable you to control the lights at your comfort. The remote features a CR2025 battery. With this remote, you can turn the lights on or off, adjust the brightness, change the modes, and set the timer. The timing function is there to help conserve the batteries once you forget to put the lights off so that the battery lights up for six hours and goes off for 18 hours. Another highlight of this lights is that the copper wire and LED bulb are low emission devices, and as such, safe for you to touch them after long hours of use. You can use these lights both indoor or outdoor since they are waterproof.buyFromAmazon

The clear mini Christmas lights reviewed above are the best ten options to give a try for the most memorable Christmas period. Be sure to give one of them a try for a great experience. The reason to why we recommend them is that they have the highest number of positive reviews from previous customers, meaning that you too have a high chance of benefiting a lot if you try them. They also come at reasonable prices, implying that you will take advantage of the best value for your money.

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