Top 10 Best Paper Hand Towel Reviews

Having a hygienic, efficient bathroom experience is a must for any business or any home. Our products have been made with the absorbency Pockets specifically designed to be extra absorbent so that they provide an excellent drying experience. These disposable hand towels dispense one at a time and will fit into most any terrestrial multi-fold paper towel machine. When it comes to rendering all the tools for excellent hygiene and flu restriction, they are a must have for a home or business. We have manufactured for you the best paper hand towel that you need to purchase. View them below.

10. Viva Paper TowelsViva Paper Towels

These are Viva Choose-A-Size paper towels that will let you choose the size you need. They have fiber-packed sheets that will help you clean your toughest messes. Our paper towels are soft and strong like cloth, so they feel good while working hard. Viva Towels stay tough when wet to resist ripping or tearing.

9. Bounty Select-a-Size Paper TowelsBounty Select-a-Size Paper Towels

Have you ever tried one of those ‘bargain’ paper towels and gone through so many sheets that the roll just disappears in seconds? We have some good news for you because with bounty; the roll doesn’t disappear. Our select-a-size towels are 2x more receptive so that you can use less of them. Bounty select-a-size paper towels instantly absorb messes, so you can tidy up and move on without wasting time or towels.

8. Sparkle Paper TowelsSparkle Paper Towels


These are paper towels that come in white and have decorative prints to brighten up your house. Best of all, they’re priced just right. So, you won’t be wasting money to spend on something more fun than paper towels. Be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. That is why we have the best solution for you with us.

7. Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper TowelsBrawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels

Don’t just throw in the in the towel. Never quit. Life can also dish out some pretty tough messes but never sweat the tough stuff with Brawny paper towels. It’s the original, big, sturdy towel that has existed over the years. Our sheets have been made to be tender but engineered to manage the tough messes. Just meet the worst moments in life with your best self.

6. Georgia-Pacific GEP21000 SignatureGeorgia-Pacific GEP21000 Signature

Signature towels will let you pamper your guests, tenants and customers with the ultimate luxury ever. These multifold towels have been designed to feature our patented honeycomb to emboss that adds a touch of elegance to any washroom while two thick and thirsty plies offer super absorbency with every hand that passes through it to dry.

5. Seventh Generation 140 Sheet Paper TowelsSeventh Generation 140 Sheet Paper Towels

These hard-working paper towels will absorb spills quickly, even when they are wet. Buying products made from recycled paper helps reduce the need for virgin wood pulp, which means more trees are left standing, and that is why we have done with our products which are made of 100-percent recycled paper.

4. Viva Paper TowelsViva Paper Towels

Viva paper towels have fiber-packed sheets that will help you clean your toughest messes that you come across each day. Our paper towels are soft and strong like cloth, so they feel good while working hard. What is unique about our products is that they stay tough when wet to resist ripping or tearing.

3. Scott Multifold Paper Towels Scott Multifold Paper Towels

Whether you need commercial paper towels for your office, or kitchen or restroom, we have them here for you, and they are excellent, economical, and the best choice. The packs of 250 contain commercial paper towels with absorbency pockets that take in plenty of water fast, for better hand drying. They’re devised to reduce waste in your office or business since they fit into any universal dispenser.

2. Bounty Basic Large Paper TowelsBounty Basic Large Paper Towels


Bounty Basic is one deal for you that will hold up. It’s 50% stronger and affordable to help you clean more without spending more. On top of that, it comes in a variety of sizes and prints, so you can choose the Bounty Basic roll that’s just right for you and your family. Choose the smart solution to cleaning everyday messes, choose Bounty Basic.

1. Viva Paper TowelsViva Paper Towels

What you have to understand is that messes come in all shapes and sizes, and the bad thing is that they don’t choose when to come, they come anytime. With Viva Big Roll Paper Towels, you can make sure that you always have the right size paper towel to use for the job. Just determine the number of sheets you require and tackle your tough messes.

With our paper hand towel, size matters. That is why you will be able to handle all your messes your way with our Paper Towels. What you need to do is just pick the size of sheet you need to get the job done, without sacrificing durability and versatility. We are sure that you won’t taste our products but instead, you will grow fond of using them.

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