Top 10 Best Umbrellas Reviews in 2017

When do you use an umbrella? Most people will use an umbrella to protect themselves from getting wet when it is raining. Others will carry along an umbrella to shield themselves when the sun gets a bit too much. There also are some people who will use the umbrella to protect themselves from the wind and the snow though not many people do this. Whatever your use for an umbrella is, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best umbrellas for you to choose from.

1. Rainbrace Transparent Bubble Umbrella

Rainbrace Transparent Bubble Umbrella

The most unique feature about this umbrella is the transparent and water-proof POE fabric that allows you to see through perfectly even during the rainy or snowy day. This feature is perfect for the photography enthusiasts who struggle to take pictures when using other opaque umbrellas. You can take your snapshots through the umbrella and still protect your camera from the elements.

The Rainbrace transparent bubble umbrella has a cute dome shape that opens to a diameter of 32.68 “/83cm, fully protecting you from the elements. It has a sturdy canopy, a steel frame and 8 sturdy ribs that ensure the umbrella is strong enough to serve its purpose.

This umbrella has an easy auto open feature so you open the canopy on a simple press of a button and the color trim on the canopy is available in a choice of 7 colors for you to choose from. With this umbrella, you can take pictures, make a fashion statement and still protect yourself from the elements of the weather.


2. Repel Dupont Teflon Travel Umbrella

Rainbrace Transparent Bubble Umbrella

This umbrella gets its name from its superior ability to repel water and other elements of the weather from its waterproof and insta-drying canopy with state-of-the-art Dupton Teflon technology.

While other umbrellas have 6 to 8 ribs, this umbrella has 9 resin-enforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand strong winds without bending inside –out like most umbrellas would. This makes this umbrella virtually indestructible and wind proof.

The automatic on and off button allows you to operate the umbrella with one hand and carry your luggage with the other hand. It is compact and relatively light in weight and can be easily stored in a purse, briefcase or backpack for use when need be.

This umbrella has a rubberized handle for firm grip and a protective travel sleeve. It also comes with a life replacement guarantee, meaning that it will be replaced for free if anything goes wrong with it-no return required.


3. VILLASON London Series UPF 50+Anti UV Bubble Dome UmbrellaVILLASON London Series UPF 50+Anti UV Bubble Dome Umbrella

This bubble dome umbrella is designed to be small enough to fit in your handbag but big enough to fully protect you from the elements when you use it. 11.2 inches long and weighing 0.8 pounds, this umbrella proves to be a lightweight accessory and will also complement you style if carried by hand.

The most notable feature about this umbrella is its superior 99% UV protection that is made possible from the by high-density 210T fabric with black coating nanotechnology. With this, it is a multifunctional umbrella that will protect you from both the sun and rain because of the waterproof and windproof features.

The Villason London series bubble dome umbrella is the best you can get for more protection from the UV rays, rain and wind as compared to other umbrellas because of its special arched curve design.


4. Benkii Compact Travel Umbrella

Benkii Compact Travel Umbrella

First, for convenience, the auto open and auto close button on this umbrella comes in handy when you have to use the umbrella and your hands are full too. You do not have to wait for it to open. The strong metal frame and special leather handle ensure s a comfortable grip, easy use and elegance!

The 10-rib construction guarantees the durability of the umbrella and you can be sure that it will not bow down to winds because it can handle winds up to 60MPH strong. They call it the non-breakable umbrella.

This travel umbrella by Benkii protects from heavy downpour with its premium quality canopy made from high density durable 210PG that resists abrasion and mildew, assuring its durability. It prevents leakage through the umbrella and has the self-cleaning ability.

If you buy the umbrella and it does not meet your expectations, you will receive a full refund from Benkii. The umbrella also comes with a free lifetime warranty. It does not get better than this.


5. Fenzer Windproof UmbrellaFenzer Windproof Umbrella

Fenzer umbrellas are artistically crafted using superior TEFLON coated 210T pongee fabric for increased durability and strength. They have a rubberized ergonomic designer handle and an electroplated steel shaft complete with fiberglass and aircraft grade aluminum materials.

The TEFLON coated fabric makes this umbrella one of the most durable in the market. It is guaranteed against split or tear, making the canopy virtually indestructible. It is designed to withstand strong winds against which other umbrellas break. It is specially engineered with an automatic flex frame made from premium fiberglass and steel components.

The Fenzer umbrella is unisex and is specially designed for you. However, if in any case it does not meet your expectation in any way, we will promptly replace or refund your money without need for explanation. This is because we are confident in the ingenuity, strength and durability of this umbrella.


6. RENZER Cherry Sunny UmbrellaRENZER Cherry Sunny Umbrella

The Renzer Cherry sunny umbrella is made of 100% polyester pongee water proof fabric, a special coat that protects you from UV radiation with strong 50+ UV protection. Its 8 rib fiberglass ribs are strong and durable, fortifying it for use even during strong winds that other umbrellas would otherwise fold over or break.

To open it, alone has to do is to push the auto open button and it easily and quickly opens or closes. The umbrella has anon slip rubber handle that makes it easy and comfortable to use the umbrella.

The intricate design of the Renzer umbrella allows for easy carrying of the umbrella and the material used to make it make it a fashion accessory for any woman that is both durable and never out of style. With this umbrella, you need not buy another.


7. LIfeTek Automatic Traveler 45 UmbrellaLIfeTek Automatic Traveler 45 Umbrella

A good umbrella should protect you from the elements. This umbrella however is handy as its 45 inch canopy arch is big enough to fully cover you from both the wind and the sun. The canopy is made from 210T micro-weave fabric that is coated with Teflon fabric protection that repels water and dries off the umbrella fast.

It has a shaft made of hardened steel and a 9 rib frame that makes the umbrella more sturdy and effective in protecting against the wind.

The automatic traveler 45 umbrella s best suited for the business traveler and its red color is unisex, blending well for both men and women. It comes with a two year “Peace of Mind” replacement guarantee against defects in the umbrella.


8. VILLASON Versailles Rose Compact Travel UmbrellaVILLASON Versailles Rose Compact Travel Umbrella

The umbrella is both a luxury a fashion design and a practical umbrella that is strong enough to protect you from the elements of the weather.

The canopy is lined with top high density 210T fabric that protects from UV rays with an accuracy of 99% because of the lack coating nanotechnology on the canopy.

The shaft has a fortified frame made with 8 durable fiberglass ribs, an aluminum alloy and leather n carrying and using the umbrella handle for easy grip when carrying or using it.


9. NIELLO Close Compact Travel Sun UmbrellaNIELLO Close Compact Travel Sun Umbrella

UV radiation can be harmful to your health and that is why this umbrella s coated with UPF 50+ to resist ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn and heat stroke.

The umbrella is designed to dry off quickly and resist breakage from winds. Its auto open and lose function allow for easy use of the umbrella.

In the unlikely instance that the umbrella does not meet your expectation, we will refund the full price of purchase or replace your umbrella.


10. Vivian’s life Folding Umbrella

Vivian's life Folding Umbrella

Made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, Vivian’s Life folding umbrella can be used for protection against both the sun and rain. It is strong and durable and light enough for easy carrying around. This umbrella is water proof and dries quickly too.

Available I red and brown colors, this umbrella is very convenient and easy to use.


Whatever your use for an umbrella is, these top 10 best umbrellas in 2016 will sure come in handy to protect you from the elements.

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