Top 10 Best Fashionable Warm Winter Boots Reviews

Winter is here, and I am sure you are planning to buy some fashionable warm winter boots to wear during these cold seasons. Some of the important factors to consider when purchasing the boots apart from the right size are the texture. Make sure you buy a boot that is made with durable material and one that is water proof as well. Comfort is also vital to consider when purchasing the boots.

1. Columbia Women’s Minx Slip Li Omni-Heat Snow Boots

The boots are designed with waterproof woven synthetic material that makes it suitable to walk on water during the rainy season without getting wet and spoilt as well. The shoes are light in weight as the sole is made with rubber which is easy to clean as well. The inner part is designed with soft faux fur lining that provides comfort and warmth during the cold seasons. The boot has a medial zipper that secures a good fit and prevents the shoe from coming out while walking on the snows.

2. Columbia Women’s Minx Slip II Omni-Heat Winter Boots

The shoes are designed in various colors to select from, and the presence of rubber soles makes it a comfortable to own during the winter seasons. The platform of the shoe measures around 50 inches making it suitable to walk on the snows without sinking in. The heel of the shoe measures about one inch and has soft faux fur for the inner sole that provides warmth and comfort. Other features include a shaft that measures about 9 inches and an Omni grip outsole.buyFromAmazon

3. Columbia Youth Loveland Omni-Heat-K Snow Boots

The boots are made with leather material that ensures its durability and rubber sole for comfort and easy cleaning. The boots are made with waterproof material on the upper part of the shoes making them suitable to walk in areas that are wet. The presence of the Omni-tech waterproof material also provides spacing for proper breathing of the feet reflect heat as well.Other features are the shaft that measures 11 inches and the faux fur on the inner part of the boot that provides soft comfort to the feet. The boots are manufactured in different colors to choose from.buyFromAmazon

4. Columbia Youth Minx Shorty Boots

The shoe is made with durable and water proof textile that makes it suitable to walk on wet areas without getting damaged or wet feet. The inner part is quite comfortable and warm since it is made with faux fur. For more comfort and easy cleaning, the sole is made of rubber, and the shaft is about 5.25 inches from an arch. the design is with quilted stitching patterns that make it look attractive and a waterproof membrane that has a200 grams of insulation.buyFromAmazon

5. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden Slip Winter Boot

The exterior of the boots are made with water proof leather and trim acrylic synthetic fur. The shaft of the shoe measures around 8.5 inches with the boot opening of 12.25 inches. For comfort purposes, while walking the heel of the shoes are 1 inch. The sole is designed with synthetic material and is light in weight for long lasting comfort and easy to walk with as well. Other desirable features include an Omni grip that has non-traction rubber and a waterproof seam sealed membrane bootie construction.

6. Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Winter Boot

For warmth and comfort purposes, the boots are made with soft faux fur on the inner parts. The sole is made of durable synthetic fiber material and has a platform that measures approximately 50 inches. Other features are the geo-quilted winter details and the ghillie lacing that makes it look attractive. The shaft of the shoe measures about 10 inches from an arch.buyFromAmazon

7.Columbia Women’s Minx Slip Nylon Winter Boots

The boots are crafted with Omni tech breathable leather material that is durable and comfortable to wear.The sole is crafted with rubber that provides the extra and excellent comfort as well and easy cleaning. The heels of the shoe measures around 0.5 inches hence offering comfort and ease to walk in rocky and slippery areas. The boots are easy to slip on since they are made with an opening of approximately 11.25 inches and has a removable contoured footbed as well. The boots also have an Omni grip nonmarking traction outer sole.

8. Columbia Women’s Love and Shorty Snow Boots

The boots are made with a light weight mid sole that provides long lasting comfort and superior cushion for excellent and high energy return. The inner side of the boots are made with faux fur to provide warmth and has a heel that measures about 1 inch and a platform of 0.75 inches hence making it comfortable to walk with. The boots have an opening of 12.75 inches and its shaft measures 5.75 inches.The material is a waterproof synthetic textile that prevents it from sucking in waters, and the Omni tech waterproof seam allows the feet to have a breathable space. The boots have 200 g insulation that is rated to be 25F that is equivalent to 32 c Omni heat reflection.buyFromAmazon

9. Columbia Women’s Loveland Omni-heat Snow boot

The boots are suitable to walk in the snow since they are crafted with waterproof synthetic and textile material. It also has a light weight midsole that ensures its long lasting and superior cushion as well.The shaft of the shoe measures 13 inches and has an Omni grip nonmarking traction rubber that makes it easy and light to walk with. Other features include textile webbing details on the outer part that enhances its beauty and has an insulation of 200 g that is rated to be 25 F or 32 c heat reflection. The presence of Omni-tech waterproof breathable seam sealed provides a good and excellent membrane bootie construction.buyFromAmazon

10. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot II Slip Snow Boot

The upper part is designed with leather textile for durability and easy cleaning. The boot has an opening of 11.25 and a shaft that measure 7.5 inches from an arch. The midsole is made with tech light that is light in weight and offers durable and comfortable feel as well. Other features include an Omni-grip nonmarking traction rubber and an injection molded shell. The sole consist of synthetic material that prevents it from sucking in water and the seam seal is also made for water proof purposes. It has an insulation of 200 grams.buyFromAmazon

The above-discussed boots are the excellent choices for snow and winter seasons. The shoes are made with durable and water resistant materials that ensure their durability and efficiency. The soles are made with quality synthetic materials easy to move around with as well.

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