Top 10 Best Cordless Electric Grease Guns Reviews

If you own a vehicle, tool and machinery, then you need a grease gun since it is an essential tool. Grease guns are small but pretty significant tool which injects life into your worn out tractors and even automobiles, literally. Finding a good grease gun is not something easy, you need to look up and down. We’ve already done a long research and right here are the best cordless electric grease guns which are durable, stylish and practical. Get one from this list which is within your budget.

10. DEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volts MAX Lithium Ion Grease GunDEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volts MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun

Don’t miss this powerful gun which has a powerful motor. It even comes with bright LED lights to let uses operate on their unit in dark spaces. The anti-debris filter will protect your pump mechanism from contamination and also dirt. You’ll also like the variable speed trigger since it gives precise control of the grease flow. Its flexible hose will let you reach areas you’ve never reached.
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  •  Highly portable
  • Nice construction and effortless to use
  • Well-made and a bit large for large equipment
  • It has long-lasting battery that is supposed to last up to 40 grease cartridges


  • Expensive

9. Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber

Lincoln Lubrication 1244 PowerLuber

Try to own this grease gun which is most advanced. It has a powerful motor to give users a consistent grease flow. Its power pack is fully rechargeable to ensure unrestricted mobility. It has a balanced design to let you enjoy admirable performances. It has three-way loading and this will make refilling very effortless. This tool is designed for DIYers and professional mechanic.
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  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • It can be used every day without any worry
  • It has smaller case and so you won’t experience hand fatigue
  • It has two batteries which are long-lasting


  • The gun is a bit heavy

8. Neiko 12000A 12V Cordless Grease GunNeiko 12000A 12V Cordless Grease Gun

You will love operating on this cordless grease gun which puts out up to 6500 PSI. It is even faster than those hand-pump grease guns. The tool works well with Zerk fittings and made of rugged ABS and steel to enable the machine to withstand daily abuse. This electric grease gun comes with a 30” flexible hose to let users reach tight spaces. It has a reservoir which can hold a standard 14.05 grease cartridges and it is effortless to swap out.
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  • Lightweight construction to prevent hand fatigue
  • It has a custom fit case to enhance portability
  • The two batteries are long-lasting and great for professional mechanic


  • The grease gun might not work well with synthetic bearing grease

7. Z ZTDM H-1103 12V Electric Cordless Rechargeable Grease GunZ ZTDM H-1103 12V Electric Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun

This tool is one of the best practical grease guns which are well-made. The model allows for remarkable maneuverability for any job you want to perform. It comes with 30 inch flexible hose which is practical for reaching small areas. It has Ni-Cd which is rechargeable and features quick charge technology. It has plastic storage case which is durable and ideal for effortless portability.
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  • The grease is made of high-quality material to make it more durable
  • Features long service time to save you time
  • Battery features quick charge technology
  • It offers stable performance


  • It is expensive

6. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18

If you value speed when performing your jobs, then this tool will let you to perform faster. This machine is made for you. It has incredible design and its beautiful outer look makes the tool admirable. Furthermore, this item has a strong power ability making it great for professional job. It comes with a long cord to let you grease far areas.
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  • Very easy to use
  • It has long cord to let you to reach far areas easily
  • It comes with incredible design


  • It is a bit expensive

5. Lincoln Lubrication 1842 18V Powerluber Grease Gun Kit Lincoln Lubrication 1842 18V Powerluber Grease Gun Kit

With the high output of 18V motor, you’ll be able to have excellent performance each moment you use this product. It has sturdy construction making the machine ideal for heavy-duty applications. The model comes with two-speed transmission to yield high-volume grease flow option. This machine is very versatile and suitable for al greasing jobs at your home.
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  • Durable, pretty powerful and high PSI
  • High capacity and runtime
  • Flexible hose which is very long
  • Effortless to use


  • Pricey

4. Milwaukee Electric Tools Cordless Grease Guns M12 Grase Gun Milwaukee Electric Tools Cordless Grease Guns M12 Grase Gun

This model is ideal for lubricating metal components. When it comes to performance and comfort, this unit is the best choice for you. It has powerful motor and the flexible hose is long enough for those far areas. It has soft grip handle which is suitable for long period of use. It comes with carrying case s you can carry your grease gun anywhere you wish.
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  • The handle has innovative design to let users feel comfortable when operating on their machine
  • Ideal choice for competing hefty projects
  • Lightweight and long-lasting


  • Priming the gum might take more time than usual

3. Performance Tool W50048 18-volt Cordless Grease Gun

This tool has the best balanced design that will let you perform faster and effectively. It is designed to simply the lubrication process and it has reciprocating piston that yields up to 7000 PSI. The zinc plated lever handle comes with a PVC grip to ensure you get comfort while doing your job. It has three-way loading to save you time.
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  • Superior lubrications in all greasing applications
  • It has nine various sizes of grease fittings
  • It has durable case which is resistant to any weather and most temperatures
  • Grease gun has heavy-duty construction


  • Battery needs separate purchase

2. Alemite 575-B1 12V Cordless Grease Gun

Alemite 575-B1 12V Cordless Grease Gun

The heavy-duty grease coupler of this grease gun will give you the best performance without wasting time. You can load the model in three ways. It has 12V motor that has three stages of gear reduction and this will accommodate various pressure requirements. This model weighs only 3.1kg and you can use it longer without hand fatigue.
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  •  Glass fiber reinforced polyester construction to enhance durability
  • Chrome-plating makes the barrel corrosion-resistant
  • One hour fast charger
  • Molded carrying case


  •  Comparatively expensive

1. Alemite 325540-1 High Pressure Grease Gun


Alemite 325540-1 High Pressure Grease Gun

This compact grease gun will yield 15,000 PSI and it has cylinder capacity of 12 oz. It has steel construction to make the grease gun durable. The zinc plating makes this ideal corrosion resistant. You will love its bleeder valve which prevents pressure accumulation in the cylinder. It is made to dispense very viscous lubricants and its extra-long solid lever will offer you maximum leverage.
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  • The tool can dispense viscous lubricants
  • All steel construction for durability and reliability
  • Perfect for stick or bulk lubricants
  • Fast loading to save you time


  • Comparatively expensive not suitable for people under budget

Cordless electric grease guns are available in many forms and shapes. The above are the best high-quality grease guns which are suitable for any task at your home. If you need a grease gun that can fit your purpose and it is within your budget, then you’ll get the right one from the above list. Get one and do your professional jobs.

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