Top 10 Best Car Mount Holder for Best Buy Reviews

Today, people want to take their smartphones, Androids, or any mobile device with them anywhere that they go. This includes while they are on the road and driving. But fumbling with your phone, as you drive, can not only be inconvenient, but also extremely dangerous.

Enter the world of car mount holders. Now, we know that there are plenty of car mount holders out there on the market, that may have a heavy price tag on them and that don’t serve your basic needs. That is why we have compiled a list of the ten best car mount holders, that are essential for your car and phone, while you are driving.

10. Fuhongyuan Universal Car Phone Mount 

This is truly a Universal car phone mount suitable for Iphone, Iphone7, Iphone7plus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, and Moto. What make Fuhongyuan so great, is its body versatility. The Fuhongyuan car mount has a 360 degree rotating sphere, an 80 degree swing, and 270 degree rotating arms, giving you adjustable options. The mount stays nice and tight, but if you want to adjust it, you can do with its two pressure switches. It has a detachable ledge at the bottom of the bracket, which will give your phone added support. With its haptor and vent holder, you can place this on your windshield, vent, or dashboard. You don’t need instructions, because the Fuhongyuan car phone mount is quick and easy to use.

9.YKZ Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Truly a mount for any phone out there, as well as a small tablet, and your GPS. YKZ is very stylistic, black finish, with a silver frame and body. You can move the YKZ Universal Magnetic Car Mount to get a preferable angle with its 360 degree rotation. Place this magnetic car mount anywhere suitable in your car, or place the metal plate on your phone case between the phone and the cover. You can put the mount on your phone or your GPS, which gives you many options for use. It’s easy and durable, and ergonomically designed to give you that extra comfort. If you like magnetic mounts, then this is a very affordable option.

8. Scosche Magnetic Universal Mount 

The Scosche Magnetic Universal Mount serves your GPS, Ipod, Ipad, Smartphone, and Tablet needs. This is designed as short window mount, which is perfect for a GPS thanks to its short neck design. Durable to wear and tear, as this mount is heat and cold resistant. This has a suction mount, which means it can be placed on the car window, the windshield, or your dash-board. If you want a versatile mount, then this is the mount you’ve been waiting for. That said, you can place this mount on your device, or the case itself. Scosche mounts give you a great view of your device with its cradle free design.

7. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

 Whether you have a Blackberry or an Apple smartphone, this mount with its intensive force of attraction can with anyone of those device’s weight. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount isn’t just affordable, but it extra easy to use, which makes it stand out more than any other phone car mount. It has a strong base, and its rubber construction is strong enough to securely hold your phone from the air vent no matter how hard you take a corner. You can rotate your Blackberry or Apple any which way with the WizGear Magnetic mount, because of its ability to swivel.

6. D-Kay Universal Car Mount 

D-Kay is for all cellphones, and what makes this universal car mount one of the best buys for car phone mounts, is the durability and versatility of this product. Fully equipped with 360 degrees of rotating pivot, cushioned clip with silicone padding, a one quick release button for easy access, and the adjustable side grip support arms, which allows you to hold the phone however you like. Best part of it all is, if you aren’t fully impressed by its design and performance, you can get a full refund, with the 12 month warranty that comes with the mount. It is scratch resistant, and shock proof as well. While you can do so much with this D-Kay mount, you won’t be able to use it on vertical air-vents.

5. Bison Group Universal Magnetic Car Phone Mount

This is my personal favorite, and for good reason. Bison Group has a beautiful and sleek design, as it comes in a stylish black, and blue chrome finish. You can use this mount beyond your car too, which makes it extremely portable. Take it to your study-hall, take it to work, or just leave it in the car. You’ll fall in love with how easy this mount is to use, with its one second and one hand mounting ability. Bring your device to the mount, and listen to lock into place. No cradle, no clamps, just the magnetic touch.

4. WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Mount 

WizGear is on the list again, but that should be expected being a leader in the car mount industry. You can hold your smartphones and mini-tablets with this black magnetic mount. This mount attaches easily to your air-vent, constructed with an adhesive metal plate that will stick directly to the back of your device. You are guaranteed to hold your phone no matter how bumpy your ride is, with its strong and stable base, that holds your phone in any preferred position you’d like.

3. F-Color Air Vent Car Phone Mount 

For the price, it’s surprising everything this mount can do for you. It has three side grips, so you can choose which works best for you. It will hold Iphone7 to a Samsung, or your GPS devices. It has a 360 degree rotation for preferred viewing angles. This mount will give you a wide compatibility, as it has stretchable grip arms fully able to hold device 1.8 to 3.65 inches in width. Don’t worry about the size and weight of your phone, the F-Color Air-Vent Car Phone Mount is strong, durable, and affordable. Fits perfectly on vertical or horizontal air vents and comes with a 12 month warranty.

2. MPOW CD Slot Car Phone Universal Mount

MPOW mount is a firm unit, holding larger phones securely into place. You simply install the mount into the CD slot, and place your phone into it with its easy three side grip design, assuring you that it will fit your phone.

Works for Iphone7’s, and Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8

The MPOW has a screw lock system, where you just rotate the screw so it stretches the lever and gives you the right amount of thickness. After that, just simply flip the level for a secure lock. This mount is shock-proof, and has the swivel feature, which will let you adjust the angle from up and down, or diagonal. It is detachable and portable, so if you have places to be, then you can take it with you for your convenience.

1. Beam Electronics Universal Smartphones Car Air Vent Mount Holder 

If you want a mount that is easy, quick, and cool, then Beam Electronics’ Car Air Vent Mount is the right holder for you. It has the quick release button, so that you can just grab your phone with the push of a button. You can also lock it back up easily by pressing the arms back together. This mount has innovative silicone padding, and a cushioned clip. Suitable for most vents, but you shouldn’t use it on circular vents. The mount has flexible clamps with a bi-directional lever, so you can adjust the way it holds your phone to your liking. Beam Electronics’ Universal mount is sturdy, durable, and geared for phones that are thicker than your typical device. As it is made with premium plastic, and a rubbery surface, you don’t have to worry about scratching your expensive phone with this mount.

These car phone mounts are the perfect accessory to have when you are on the go. As you can see, with their universal capabilities, you can do much more than just letting it clamp or attach to your dashboard. This is what gives these mounts value to customers,who need something reliable for their phone. All of these mounts will hold your phone into place, regardless of the driving conditions.

Affordable, durable, and versatile, any of these universal mounts that you pick for your device, you won’t go wrong with. That is what makes each one of these mounts the best car phone holders and best buys you can get.

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