Best Safety Razor Blade for Women Reviews

There are many shavers that can be classified as good for both men and women. A razor can make shaving a task or not depending on whether it is good or bad. A good razor makes the shaving session brief and enjoyable. What you need however is a nice shaving razor that is safe for your skin. The best safety razor blade for women is hypo-allergenic and suit both sensitive and smooth skin.

Below you will find a list of the top blades to get you started:

10. Gillette Venus Original Women’s Razor Refill Cartridges 8 CountGillette Venus Original Women's Razor Refill Cartridges 8 Count

This is a three-blade razor cartridge that results in a smooth and close shave. It is appealing to use because of its protective cushions. Furthermore, it has an indicator that tells you if the razor is giving optimal value. Still, it is shower safe and has a seal the keeps it dry and clean even when kept in the shower. The other amazing thing is that all Venus cartridges fit all their razors. You achieve a very close shave with just a few strokes.

9. Gillette Venus Spa Women’s White Tea Scented Razor Blade

Gillette Venus Spa Women's White Tea Scented Razor Blade

This razor gives you all the comfort you need. It is sealed to remain clean and dry while in the shower. It further has a built-in shave gel bar with a nice scent, and you do not have to use other shave gels or soap. Moreover, it gives you a close shave on all curves with just a few strokes. It more so works well with water during shaving and is a great razor for a kind shave. In addition, it is easy to change the handles besides them bring soft and shiny.

8. Gillette Embrace Women’s RazorGillette Embrace Women's Razor

This blade allows for an indulgent shave with its five curve-hugging razor blades and moisture ribbon. It gives a close shave with just a few strokes and is a high-quality, original razor. It gets all the hair out and leaves your skin super smooth. It is also smooth on the skin and the smoothness lasts longer than other blades. In addition, it has a comfortable and sleek handle. It is great for smooth skin, and results in beautiful arms and legs.

7. Gillette Venus Breeze Women’s Tropical Scented Razor BladeGillette Venus Breeze Women's Tropical Scented Razor Blade

This blade is both shower-safe and has three blades for a close, smooth shave. It comes with a seal that protects it from rust even if you keep it in the shower. Furthermore, it has a built-in shave gel with an attractive scent and rich body butter. You only need to shave with water for lather. It works perfectly on each curve to get rid of all the hair. Moreover, it is the secret to a comfortable, kind shave. It is also ideal for travelling.

6. Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric RazorPanasonic Close Curves Women's Electric Razor

You will love this razor for its comfortable shave. It is suitable for any environment, and you can use in wet or dry conditions. It has sharp, yet hypo-allergenic blades that work even for a sensitive skin. It also has gel to add to the comfort and ease of shaving. This blade makes it easy to achieve a perfect bikini look. It makes it easy to enjoy shaving and results in a perfect finish.

5. Gillette Swirl Women’s Razor RefillsGillette Swirl Women's Razor Refills

This blade gives a flawless shave and equally feels comfortable because of its water-activated glide serum. Its blade also adjusts in order to shave all areas uniformly. It is smooth on the skin and achieves results with just a few strokes. There is so much to love about this blade and especially its flexibility, micro-fine comb and thin blades. It uses the most advanced Gillette technology and is able to move in multiple directions.

4. Gillette Sensor-Excel Cartridges for Women 10 CountGillette Sensor-Excel Cartridges for Women 10 Count

Every cartridge has nice and soft blades that result in a smooth shave. It also has a protective layer for safety. The blades are thin and glide naturally to give you the shave you want without any harm. It is also enriched with a moisture strip that comprises of oils and Vitamins. It therefore leaves the skin soft and without any visible hair.

3. Gillette Embrace Sensitive Women’s Razor BladeGillette Embrace Sensitive Women's Razor Blade

This razor has a protective ribbon with aloe that moisturises the skin and is responsible for a smooth glide. You are unlikely to experience irritation even if your skin is sensitive. It is a blade that is recommended by dermatologist and is a leading razor model. The blades are spaced closely together for a perfect shave. In addition, you apply less pressure while shaving.

2. Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace Women’s RazorGillette Venus Snap with Embrace Women's Razor

This blade is appealing and convenient. It is both colourful and compact, and equally gives an ultra-close shave. Its smoothness is long-lasting, and it has a moisture ribbon that makes it easy during shaving. It also protects your skin. You can trust it to get rid of every hair. It is the ideal razor for travel since it is portable and can easily fit in the purse, bag or suitcase. It further makes you look good all the time and has a smoothness that is unmatched.

1. Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor BladeGillette Venus Embrace Women's Razor Blade


This blade has five curve-hugging razor blades and a moisture ribbon for easy glide. It is therefore comfortable and gives a close shave with just a few strokes. It also gets rid of all the hair, leaving your skin smooth and appealing. It hugs the body for a close and lasting shave that also works for curves. It therefore saves you from having to shave often. It further has a sleek and comfortable handle, and its cartridges are easy to replace.

In the end, what you really want is a smooth skin that looks perfect. Getting rid of hair is no longer as difficult because of the razors above. They are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes, and cut hair perfectly on straight skin and curves. The best safety razor blade for women above come with scented moisturizing strips for easy glide and have ergonomic handles that are sleek. They are also flexible and result in a closer shave that is luxurious, expressly for women with thick hair.

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