Fiction Story of Indira Gandhi Review

Kavita DaswaniKavita Daswani, a Girl Named Indie it is a work of fiction that tells fiction story of Indira Gandhi, a bubbly 15-year-old woman, who eats, beverages, sleeps and even dreams of style, since the time she comprehends its meaning. Indira is a style freak and is addicted to the most popular fashion magazine in the United States. She aspires to see a fashion correspondent, but her age defies her dream. The book reveals Indie’s fixation with the glam world, which the writer has described via a roller coaster ride in the adolescent’s life. Indie idolizes Aaralyn Taylor, the style icon in LA and expects to be like her when she grows up.

She also wants to be a fashion journalist, but no way may lead her to Aaralyn Taylor, the owner as well as director of the magazine Celebrity Style. A notice board in her school describes that Aaralyn institute it is on for summer internships for fashion junkies, and first matter that crosses her head is her application form in the top of the stack. Av another example, word spreads that the most productive career woman Aaralyn Taylor, is to hold a guest lecture addressing the school assembly on Career Day, as well as Indie it is the first one to attend it! Aaralyn refuses to contemplate Indie for the coveted intern as well as the helpless woman ends up babysitting Aaralyn 2-year-old boy Kyle, much to the irritation of her parents.

Though she guarantees them to visit India if she fails to do HT with the magazine, to work with the Missionaries of Charity for her holidays. While the woman faces fundamental issues with Kyle, she gradually gets the hang of her new job as well as finds herself in Aaralyn good books. That takes her on a trip to Milan – the Mecca of style – with the fashion journalist herself. On their expedition, Indie hear women gossiping in the bathroom, and based on that; she assists Aaralyn to conclude lucrative deals with the Italian head honchos – potential buyers of Celebrity Style. There’s a hitch – Celebrity Style it is losing all gossips as well as scoops to an imminent fashion portal, as well as Aaralyn it is losing her credibility in the marketplace. Some insider is pilfering the however-to-be declared news to them. This makes Aaralyn magazine come across great losses.

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